Terrestrial Rocky in the Tal system
Rhiorr: Tal V
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Tal (star)

Rhiorr ( Xi'an: 9ryool(Ryōl) (Proper); ) is a terraformed terrestrial world of the Xi'an Empire that produces personal and ship weaponry. Humans will frequently travel there to purchase hi-tech weaponry, but most of the planet is not open for visitors due to Xi'An secrecy. Any open locations are heavily guarded.

The Crime rate reported by travelers is very low, partially due to the heavy security, but also because the Xi'an government is eager to avoid conflict with humans as much as possible.

Every building on Ryōl is painted a burnt orange, and flying in at the right angle makes the sun's reflection appear as if it was a giant energy weapon blast.[1][2]


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