S-38 Pistol

Pistol manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
S38 - Lying flat with clip.jpg
S-38 Pistol
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
Base price675 aUEC
Mass1.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.6.0
Damage typeBallistic
Effective range25 m
Fire rate450 rpm
Fire modeSingle
Caliber10 mm
Muzzle velocity450 m/s
MagazineS-38 Magazine (15 cap)
OpticsEmpty (S1 max)
BarrelEmpty (S1)
UnderbarrelEmpty (S1 max)

The S-38 Pistol, produced by Behring Applied Technology, is a semi-automatic pistol with a 10-mm caliber. Its effective range is 25 meters, and its streamlined design and lightweight polymer frame contribute to its ability to minimize recoil. The S-38 has gained a reputation as a versatile and reliable sidearm, earning the trust of both law enforcement officers and citizens throughout the Empire. Its popularity can be attributed to its dependable performance and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient firearm.[1]


Damage drop 0.1 / m
Max range 950 m
Damage over distance
Type 0 m 25 m 30 m 40 m 50 m
Alpha 4.94 4.54 4.04 3.04 2.04
DPS 37.01 34.01 30.26 22.76 15.26

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.11.1.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
Port Olisar Live Fire Weapons 675
GrimHex Skutters 675
Levski Conscientious Objects 675
Area18 CenterMass 675
New Babbage CenterMass 675


Image Name Description
S38 - Default - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
(Default) Light grey colouring with dark grey accents.

Special editions

(All available in-game unless stated otherwise)

Image Name Description Price $
S38 - One Empire - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
"One Empire" Dark grey colouring with blue and silver accents and a "One Community, One Empire" logo embossed on the side.

Reward to backers in commemoration of the funding reaching $300M. [2]




The S-38 Pistol was introduced in Alpha 3.6.0.[3]


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