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Salvo Frag Pistol

Pistol manufactured by Hedeby Gunworks
Salvo Frag - Lying flat with clip.jpg
Salvo Frag Pistol
ManufacturerHedeby Gunworks (HDGW)
Base price333 aUEC
Mass1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.7
Damage typeBallistic
Effective range80 m / 10 m (Charged)
Fire rate170 rpm
Fire modeCharge
Muzzle velocity550 m/s
MagazineSalvo Frag Pistol Magazine (8 cap)
OpticsEmpty (S1 max)
BarrelEmpty (S1)
UnderbarrelEmpty (S1 max)

The Salvo Frag Pistol is a .50m, semi-automatic, charged-shot frag pistol manufactured by Hedeby Gunworks. It can single-fire pistol shot or charge-fire shotgun shot. It has an effective range of 80 meters in single shot and 10 meters when charged.[1]

In-game description

While the Salvo can be used as a normal pistol, Hedeby didn’t stop there. With a longer trigger pull, a freezing primer is injected into the chamber and when released, the heavy firing pin hits with enough force to pulverize the supercooled casing. Accidentally developed as an attempt to mitigate overheating, this charged fire option discharges a deadly spray of high-velocity fragments followed by an ear-shattering boom.


Damage drop single 0.1 / m
Damage drop charged .64 / m
Max range 1100 m
Damage over distance
Type 0 m 25 m 30 m 40 m 50 m
Alpha 13.80 13.80 13.48 12.68 11.88
DPS 39.10 39.10 38.19 35.93 33.66
Charge (8) 44.16 44.16 41.60 35.20 28.80


While his traditional pistols and rifles became popular with locals, Altruis Hedeby was eager to put his mark on the field and craft a weapon in the Banu-style, albeit in a way that would be uniquely his. After numerous attempts to improve the designs of the past, a new weapon came to form. The Salvo started as a normal pistol but evolved into something new when Hedeby added a freezing primer to mitigate overheating and wound up with a supercooled casing that could be shattered into a deadly spray of high-velocity fragments. The first time he fired the gun, the unexpected explosion and thunderous boom knocked Hedeby off his feet. He knew that he had something special. Hedeby made and tested modifications before personally forging ten Salvo pistols. He sent one to Ekstrom and gave the rest to his most loyal customers.

Orders for the Salvo soon overwhelmed the gunworks and investors lined up to fund its expansion. Hedeby took time to weigh his options and develop more unique gun designs. Meanwhile, Hedeby’s growing reputation among collectors and gun enthusiasts made the brand increasingly popular. The company’s slow and steady expansion ensured that its signature style and unique production techniques weren’t compromised. Even to this day, every weapon follows a specific manufacturing process established by Hedeby himself that blends hand-forging and machining.[2]

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.11.1.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
Port Olisar Live Fire Weapons 333
GrimHex Skutters 333
Lorville Tammany and Sons 333
R&R CRU L1 Live Fire Weapons 333
R&R HUR-L2 Live Fire Weapons 333


Image Name Description
Salvo Frag - Default - InGame Cutout - Mesh BG.jpg
(Default) Dary grey colouring with silver accents


HDGW Salvo Dev01.jpg
Salvo - Side closeup.jpg

Salvo - Blurred background.jpg
Salvo - Shop display.jpg


The Salvo Frag Pistol is introduced in Alpha 3.7.[3]


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