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Sawtooth Combat Knife

Personal weapon
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Sawtooth Knife
ManufacturerKastak Arms (KSAR)
Damage TypeMelee

The Kastak Arms Sawtooth Combat Knife is a 16cm melee weapon featuring microblades on the main blade's edge.[1]

Combat tool for self defense. The Sawtooth is the pirate/criminal equivalent of the military knife. It is functionally similar but looks cruder and more threatening.[2]

Product description

"Don't end up on the wrong side of the Sawtooth combat knife. The blade embodies Kastak Arms' aggressive styling and was designed to stab, slice, or saw. It features a strong tip for piercing, a straight edge for slicing, and a unique serrated edge with microblades for when you really need to rip through something. The blade is also made with a special ceramic polymer coating that enhances its strength and overall wear resistance."



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