Scourge Railgun

Railgun manufactured by Apocalypse Arms
Scourge - On crate with 3 clips - Flat.jpg
Scourge Railgun
ManufacturerApocalypse Arms (APAR)
Mass10 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.0
Damage typeBallistic
Effective range200 m
Fire rate70 rpm
Fire modeCharge
Muzzle velocity50 m/s
MagazineScourge Railgun Magazine (10 cap)

The Scourge Railgun is a .937 portable railgun manufactured by Apocalypse Arms. It can fire charged shot and has an effective range of 200 meters.[1]

In-game description

Equally devastating to larger threats and hostile vehicles, this shoulder mounted railgun from Apocalypse Arms uses electromagnets to deliver its payload accurately over great distances, making it the Scourge of land, air and space.

Damage drop none
Max range 200 / 10000 m
Damage over distance
Type Damage
Alpha 25.50 @ any distance
DPS 29.75 @ any distance
Charged 3005.50

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.17.0.

Weapon no longer purchaseable at in-game shops.


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Scourge - On crate with 3 clips - Flat.jpg
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Scourge - Desert Shadow skin - Shop display.jpg
Scourge - Nightstalker skin - Shop display.jpg
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The Scourge Railgun is introduced in Alpha 3.0. It is the first personal anti-vehicle weapon introduced in the game.[2]


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