Strife Mass Driver Cannon

Size 2 vehicle weapon manufactured by Apocalypse Arms
AA Strife Mass Driver.jpg
Strife Mass Driver Cannon
ManufacturerApocalypse Arms (APAR)
TypeMass Driver Cannon

The Apocalypse Arms Strife Mass Driver Cannon is a size 2 vehicle mass driver cannon.[1]


It always pays to be prepared, and if misfortune ever does strike, you're going to be glad you have an Apocalypse Arms Strife Mass Driver handy. Its electromagnetic accelerators may be a little power hungry, but it makes up for it with how rapidly it can fire its high velocity projectiles. Watching it tear through your target is enough to make any bad day a little bit better. Just be careful not to let it overheat.

Universe availability

Standard on


Strife Mass Driver Cannon was introduced in Alpha 1.3.0.[2] It was originally known as WarSeries SZ4 Mass Driver.[3]


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