City on Earth in the Sol system
LocationSol system    On Earth
TypeLanding zone
FoundedBefore 600 CE; 2353 years ago (600)

Shanghai is a city on Earth in the Sol system, it is the largest starport in Asia.

Shanghai has retained less of a link to the surrounding environment than the smaller by comparison to cityscapes of Moscow or New York. A bustling metropolis, if you’re looking to go to Shanghai to see green foliage or clean natural water, then you’re out of luck. Shanghai boasts rail and transit lines stretching to the nearby East China sea, a port region capable of water-docking some larger types of spacecraft. The Aegis China factory produces Idris-class frigates and puts them through their pre-space trials in the area.

Shanghai has a need for raw materials, especially rarer extrasolar varieties. The less likely a material is to be found on Earth, the more valuable it will be on the commodities market in Shanghai; think Vanduul kan ores, thermacrete, isometal and the like. There is a bustling black market in the city, unlike any found in Earth's other major ports: if you're on the hunt for illegal cyborg upgrades, try Shanghai first.[1]



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