City on Earth in the Sol system
LocationSol system    On Earth
TypeLanding zone
FoundedBefore 600 CE; 2352 years ago (600)

Shanghai is a city on Earth in the Sol system, it is the largest starport in Asia.

Shanghai has retained less of a link to the surrounding environment than the smaller by comparison to cityscapes of Moscow or New York. A bustling metropolis, Shanghai is your wouldn't best chance for seeing a bit of foliage or clean natural water. Shanghai boasts rail and transit lines stretching to the nearby East China sea, a port region capable of water-docking some larger types of spacecraft. The Aegis China factory produces Idris-class frigates and puts them through their pre-space trials in the area.

Shanghai has a need for raw materials, especially rarer extrasolar varieties. The less likely a material is to be found on Earth, the more valuable it will be on the commodities market in Shanghai; think Vanduul kan ores, thermacrete, isometal and the like. There is a bustling black market in the city, unlike any found in Earth's other major ports: if you're on the hunt for illegal cyborg upgrades, try Shanghai first.[1]




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