IMS Bolliver

Space station in the Sol system
IMS Bolliver
Type Space station
System Sol
Orbits Ganymede
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE

IMS Bolliver is a decommissioned space station near Ganymede, Jupiter, Sol. It was constructed in the First Tevarin War and abandoned in the 28th century. It is still used as a shelter for squatters. Its mission was to house and deploy troops in the case of a Tevarin invasion. The layout of the station become a template for future security stations.

"Though it is no longer in active service since the Marine forces stationed here were reassigned to Mars, the base remains strictly off limits. "
Starmap [1]


From the hologram model, it can be assumed that IMS Bolliver set the station template that would define Security Post Kareah.


  1. Sol Station - IMS Bolliver. Starmap
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