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Update:Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1a

Star Citizen build released on 2024-06-13
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2024-06-13 - 5 days ago

Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.1a is a minor update for Star Citizen, updating the Sabre Firebird and working on missile and performance fixes

Launcher should now show: VERSION 3.23.1-LIVE.9204897

Characters in this new environment will be built from LTP data so items such as medpens, ammo, rentals, and refinery jobs will be lost.

  • Long Term Persistence: Enabled
  • Replication Layer: Enabled
  • Server Crash Recovery: Enabled
  • Starting aUEC: 20,000

Known Issues

  • PU - Locations / Vehicles / VMS - Options for repair, refuel and restock are unavailable throughout PU
  • PU - Actor - Interaction - Characters / Game Code / Ships / Vehicles - Placing Items on certain objects causes the Player to back away, place the item on the floor, then the item returns to their hands
  • PU - Stanton - ASOP / Fleet Manager / UI - ASOP Terminals fade to black when accessed after delivering a vehicle
  • PU - Actor - Inventory - Player is able to get in a state where items in inventory become inaccessible
  • Multivehicle - PU - Vehicles - When docking or retrieving a ship to a docking port at a station, the docking arm will not extend
  • Stanton - Lorville - NPE - Missions - Tutorial spawns food and drink items in another room
  • PU - Prison/Klescher - Escape route- Klescher Laser mines will detonate even when prone under
  • PU - Stanton - Salvage - Mission Content / Game Code - Destroying the target does not fail the mission
  • PU - Grim Hex - Locations / Law & Criminality / AI - Grim Hex turrets and guards will shoot at players with a crimestat
  • PU - Stanton - GrimHEX - Locations / Actor Feature - Player corpses will not despawn at GrimHEX
  • PU - Derelict settlements - Locations / AI / Spawn Closets - AI do not move after spawning
  • PU - Stanton - Distribution Center (DC) - Locations / Art / Design - Players are unable to use ledge grabs to climb out of maintenance hatches placed on the ground
  • Robert Space Industries Scorpius Antares - PU - Vehicles/EMP - unable to activate EMP
  • PU - Stanton - ASOP / Locations - Retrieving a Hull C at locations without a docking port will display 'unable to handle your request at this time'
  • PU - Multiweapon - Graphics - Backpack Reloading - Weapons reload invisible magazine when reloading from backpack
  • PU - Actor / Armor - Equipping an additional helmet on a character while the hip attachment point is occupied will result in asphyxiation
  • PU - Locations - Grim Hex / New Babbage - Physical Shopping - UI / AR Card / Consumables - Tigersclaws on shelf are missing purchase cards

Features and Gameplay


  • Missile Adjustments
    • Increased missile lock min/max ranges. Reduced missile speeds. Balanced missile fuel tank amounts.
  • Reduced Salvage Coverup Rewards

Ships & Vehicles

  • Hornet Tuning Updates
    • F7a Hornet Mk2 Lateral strafe capabilities have been fixed and should now be in line with tuning expectations.
    • F7CR upstrafing capacity adjustment.
    • Lowered boost fuel use of the entire Anvil Hornet series.
  • Increased Sabre Firebird missile count from 12 -> 24
  • Sabre Firebird ARMR has been modified to reduce all emissions by 40%
  • Updated Retaliator to have Size 3 guns on all turrets and updated turret constraints

Core Tech

  • Removed vehicle entrance markers when in a different zone or too far away
  • Made Further Client Performance Optimizations
  • Vehicle Hit Damage Network Performance Optimizations
  • Full Ship Weapon Audio Mixing Pass

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing clients to experience a generic 30000 error and disconnect when loading into the PU
  • Elevators at the Pyro Jump Point Station should now arrive when called
  • Fixed an issue causing carriable objects to fall through many floors around the PU
  • Fixed and issue causing to not hit their target when the target is rotating
  • Fixed AI's reacting to non-hostile players firing causing them to not get an attention target
  • Ship shield VFX should now play correctly
  • Oxygen should no longer deplete excessively fast whilst in Klescher's Work Mines or Prison Escape
  • Fixed an issue causing many Exit/Get up prompts to be missing from beds
  • Destroying the illegal probes during the Halt illegal Survalance missions should no longer cause players to get a crimestat
  • Fixed precision targeting gimbal mode active without being in precision mode
  • Asphyxiation issues should no longer be present in different locations of the AEGIS Retaliator
  • GRIN Pyro Multi-Tool's Tractor beam attachment should no longer force weapon sensitivity depending on lifted weight
  • The Sabre Raven base paint will no longer replace the paint of the Firebird almost entirely regardless of paint applied
  • The ANVIL Ballista gunner seat should now have proper interaction points
  • The Crusader Spirit Olympia Paint should no longer be missing
  • Fixed missing Jumptown locations
  • Fixed Nox missing left and right thrusters
  • Kopion Horn and Marok Gem should now be able to be sold
  • Origin 400i Interior elevator's panel should no longer disappear
  • The F8C Lightning should no longer get a hazy cockpit view while flying through space clouds
  • Fixed various visarea issues around the Aegis Hammerhead


  • Fixed 6 Client Crashes
  • Fixed 5 Server Crashes
  • Fixed a Main Thread Deadlock
  • Fixed an OOM - Out of system memory Client Crash