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Tangaroa : Helios II
ClassificationOcean Planet
LocationOrbits Helios (star)
Natural Satellites1
Artificial Satellites1
Landing Zones1

Helios II is an oceanic world with a greater circumference than Earth (though a lower overall gravity). It has a single ‘fast orbiting’ moon with a dense nickel/iron core. The low density of the ocean planet combined with the moon’s unusual orbit give rise to frequent and unpredictable volcanic activity, ultimately causing terrestrial islands to form and then be reclaimed by the sea rapidly. Originally classified as mineral-rich, the planet was quickly terraformed and deep-sea mining rights sold to a variety of mining outfits. It wasn’t until decades later that the planet began to see an influx of the rich and famous.

Despite the rapidly changing and erratic tidal and volcanic activity, it has become vogue to construct elaborate temporary housing on Tangaroa’s short-lived islands.

More permanent housing is often established on or under the sea. For those who want to enjoy the planet without the risk, hospitality magnate Tyler Newman recently unveiled plans for a permanent undersea hotel.

Only the polar regions sustain standard populations. To the north, scientists and engineers typically call the planet home, supporting the cottage industry that has grown up around Helios’ odd star. In the south, the limited amount of land belongs to R&D facilities that support the nearby military forces. Failed projects and surplus equipment are often shipped from Helios to the nearby Odin system.

Not everybody lives in fear of the planet’s unique tidal nature. Native subsurfers celebrate it as they pilot streamlined and maneuverable submarines in rides on thousand-foot waves.[1]

Landing Zones

Mariana aka Shorebreak

The planet’s capital and prime landing zone, located in the north, is officially named Mariana, although it is called Shorebreak by the natives. Shorebreak offers an interesting case study in land use, as the city has literally used up every square foot of land and is now expanding ever-forward into the sea.[1]


Camp Murdoch

an old naval base-turned-shipyard. Sword of Hope's base of operation.[2]

Artificial Satellites

Hephaestus Station

Perched in orbit above Helios II, Hephaestus Station is the most accessible military outpost in the system.[1]

Natural Satellites

Helios 2a

Tangaroa's only moon. A ‘fast orbiting’ moon with a dense nickel/iron core.