Taranis III

Smog Planet in the Taranis system
Taranis III
ClassificationSmog Planet
LocationUnclaimed space
Taranis system
└─ Orbiting Taranis (star)
Landing Zones1

Taranis III is a smoggy, stormy world located on the edge of the system's habitable zone. The planet's constant storms are the origin of the system's name (Taranis, Celtic God of Thunder). The planet lacks a Human breathable atmosphere, but has nonetheless become the site of Human settlement.[1][2]

Landing Zones

Bethor Research Station

Bethor research station, established in 2436 to study weather control techniques, has organically expanded over the centuries to become a full fledged settlement of Tevarin refugees and Human ex-pats. The initial corporate owners are long gone, and Bethor is now rumored to be in the control of a syndicate or similar quasi-organization, although they keep their activities obscured from visitors.[2]


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