Tessa Bannister

Character in Star Citizen
Tessa Bannister
Race Human
Gender Female
Current Employment
Occupation Second Class Junior Cartographer
Employer Imperial Cartography Center

Tessa Bannister is a Cartographer, working for the ICC. Her mission is to scan for anomalies or other unusual events in the Stanton System. She is a mission-giver in Alpha Patch 2.6, but didn't appear in person. Her missions, (see ICC Assistance) were removed with 3.0.

She's very popular among (pre-3.0) players. She's the subject of the first question of Calling All Devs 2018-09-04, where we learned:

  • The community appreciates her character, and that she will return in a future update
  • CIG only has audio for her and never designed a character model
  • The actress was fantastic and nailed the character (and the jokes!)


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