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Name Race Role Employer Faction Actor
Abeni Okon Human Historical Figure - First Human born off Earth UEE
Ada McDonough Human Ace Pilot UEE
Adaliz Dayan Human UEE
Adelaide Lorris Human Fugitive, Outlaw
Adelle Marker Human Crew member, UEES War Hammer UEE
Adina Kristof Human
Aldeman Human Officer, UEES War Hammer UEE
Alexandria Dougan Human Outlaw
Alisa Lee Human Senator (U-Keene-Kilian Sys) UEE
Andrea Escudero Human Advocacy - SC - Odin UEE
Aria Reilly Human Captain, UEES Caspian UEE
August Beck Human Eleanor Matsuura
Becca Farneway Human Gemma Whelan
Beck Russum Human Co-Host of Empire Report UEE Sandi Gardiner
Bernadine Clent Human Beam operater UEE
Bilal Ryu Human Advocacy - ASC - Odin UEE
Cara Webster Human Crew of UEES Stanton Sophie Wu
Carla Larry Human Explorer
Cass Vallon Human Communications Officer Kezia Burrows
Cedra Selea UEE
Clair Rios Human Owner of Cafe Musain People's Alliance of Levski
Condi Hillard Human Historical Figure, Fought against the Vanduul at Armitage UEE
Connie Hayes Human Elsie Bennett
Daniela Argen Human Senator (ULockeIdris) UEE
Deborah Gilbert Human
Diyo Nikolas Human Inventor, Co-Founder of BiotiCorp
Donna Atar Human
Elisa Perkins Human
Eliza Anderson Human
Eria Quint Human Host of Showdown! UEE
Erin Toi Human Twelfth and first elected Imperator of the UEE UEE
Esen Landari Human Host of Something Every Tuesday UEE
Evelyn Ishitaka Human Polly Eachus
Fiona Messer Human UEE
Gabrielle Graciàn Human Governor (C-Jalan-Elysium Sys) and Senatorial Candidate 2946 UEE
Grace Bedford Human Andrea Deck
Gratia Katsaros Human Co-Founder of Clark Defense Systems
Hester Polaris Human Historical Figure - CMDR Hester Polaris, namesake of the Polaris UPE
Illyana Messer Human Sixth Imperator of the UEE UEE
Illyana Sharrad Human High-Secretary of the UEE UEE
Ita Hurston Human Chief Warrant Officer (UPE Navy) United Planets of Earth
Jan Dredge Human Board member of Drake Interplanetary
Janis Rezaian Human High-Secretary of the UPE
Janna Thurville Human Senator (T-Severus-Kiel Sys) UEE
Jeda Cavendash Human Senator, Madame Witness - (C-Earth-Sol Sys) UEE
Jennifer Friskers Human Current CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH
Joyce Teño Human General Manager of Nemo Crashers UEE
Julie Nadir Human Advocacy Agent UEE
Juliet Maupin Human Aegis Dynamics engineer, weapon and scanner designer UEE
Katherine Oliver Human Explorer
Kerry Semler Human
Lana Stark Human General UEE Army at Oso II UEE
Lauda Viscaso Human Co-founder of Otoni Syndicate Otoni Syndicate
Laylani Addison Human United Empire of Earth Imperator UEE
Leona Sono Human Explorer
Lisa Danvers Human Captain of the Artemis
Lisa Gibbs Human Hayley-Marie Axe
Livia Fenner Human High-Secretary, influential in the introduction of UEC UEE
Livia Haskel Human Chief Medical Engineer of BiotiCorp; head of the Project Calliope
Louise Boyd Human Bounty hunter working on cold cases
Magda Hurston Human Former CEO of Hurston Dynamics UEE
Mahli Human Travel and Lifestyle Influencer
Maria Wharton Human UEE
Marie Sante Human NavJumper, discoverer of the Horus System
Martha Shubin Human CEO and Founder of Shubin Interstellar UEE
Mira Ngo Human Senator (T-Terra-Terra Sys) UEE
Nayara Fell Human Nayara "Pusher" Fell SQ42 UEE Sandi Gardiner
Nicole Loewe Human
Nomi Rao Human Senator (Cestulus-Davien Sys) UPE
Octavia Beate Human Senator (UAsuraFerron Sys) UEE
Olivia Hurston Human Hurston Dynamics Executive
Rachel Lester Human Senator (T-Vann-Croshaw Sys) UEE
Rachel MacLaren Human Captain, UEES Gauntlet UEE Gillian Anderson
Rebecca Trejo Human Advocacy - SAC - Odin UEE Eleanor Tomlinson
Recco Battaglia Human Mining Contract Organizer People's Alliance of Levski, Miners Amalgamated Ania Sowinski
Rowena Dulli Human Special Agent In Charge Advocacy Anna Demetriou
Sakae Marigold Human Transitionalist Nominee for Senate (2946) UEE
Sophia Kelly Human Rhona Mitra
Spenser Gallo Human Jane Perry
Tecia Pacheco Human Fixer Otoni Syndicate Katrina Nare
Tessa Bannister Human
Theresa Branaugh Human
Tracey Glenn Human Senator (USaiseiCentauri Sys) UEE
Tyler Ford Human Jennifer Marshall
Upsana Dixit Human
Victoria Hutchins Human Journalist for Empire Report UEE Kimberly Kral
Weó Kray Xi'an Empress of the Xi'an Empire Xi'an
Yann Isher Human Senator UEE
Yanna Coso Human Ambassador to the Xi'an Empire UEE
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