'ūng Belt Alpha

Asteroid Belt in the'ūng system
Placeholderv2.png'ūng Belt Alpha'ūng
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationAsteroid Belt
LocationOrbits'ūng (star)

When Kathryn Segovia discovered this system, she believed mining companies would kill for access to this mineral rich asteroid belt. Surprisingly, the Xi'an have deemed it illegal to mine, so it remains relatively untouched. Some are still tempted by its vast resources, and mine it at great personal risk.

It is referred to in Xi'an as huichuaihyao y.ath'o se'ūng ( Xi'an: huichuaihyao 4yath5#o se 9thu14sūng5 (Proper); ) or abbreviated to huichuai'yath ( Xi'an: huichuai2yath (Proper); ).


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