Timo Bakshi

Two-time Murray Cup winner
Timo Bakshi.png
Timo Bakshi
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Racing pilot, two-time Murray Cup winner, on-staff pilot for Galactic Gear
Faction UEE

Timo Bakshi was a racing pilot and member of the Bakshi family, a racing dynasty. He won the Murray Cup twice, before joining the cast of Galactic Gear with Jax McCleary. He was described as the show's "very own", implying that he was an on-staff pilot for the spacecraft review show. When reviewing the M50 in 2944, Timo Bakshi piloted a 350r which at the time was the last Origin Jumpworks ship to win the Murray Cup.[1]

Timo Bakshi wears the same helmet as Jimmy, who fulfilled a similar role for Jax McCleary's later show, Whitley’s Guide with Jax McCleary.[1]

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