Character in Star Citizen
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction UEE
Current Employment
Occupation Producer, pilot and driver for Whitley's Guide
Employer Whitley's Guide
Job Title Producer

Jimmy is a Producer,[1] stunt pilot and driver for the Spectrum show Whitley's Guide. He never removes his helmet on-screen, and is usually presented as mute, but is implied to have provided off-screen dialogue on at least one occasion.[2] If this voice does belong to Jimmy, then he has a British accent.[2] Despite his on-screen muteness, Jax appears to understand what he is saying.

He is shown to be a competent pilot, though he is also shown to get into trouble while piloting when he briefly served as the main host of the show for one episode during Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951.[3]


Jimmy habitually wears a white shirt, thin black tie, black gloves, black leather-effect trousers, and a white Odyssey Helmet with an opaque black visor which he has apparently owned since childhood[4]. This model of the helmet is not available elsewhere. During Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 he is also seen wearing a flight suit, and a Crusader Industries winter coat.[5][6][7][4] Jimmy's skin is visible around his neck, revealing that he is white.

Comparison to Timo Bakshi

Two-time Murray Cup winner Timo Bakshi fulfilled the role of pilot on Jax McCleary's former show, Galactic Gear. Like Jimmy, Bakshi is seen wearing a white Odyssey Helmet with opaque black visor that is not available in stores.[8] Jimmy has owned this model of helmet since childhood[4], and is referred to as 'Jimmy' both by his mother and by Jax in behind-the-scenes footage[5][6][7][4] , confirming that despite superficial similarities of dress and profession, Jimmy and Bakshi are not the same individual. This does not eliminate the possibility that Jimmy or that style of helmet are associated with the Bakshi Family.

The possibility of two Jimmies

As well as his on-screen appearances, numerous calls and references are made to an off-screen Jimmy, who is on one occasion referred to as a Producer of the show.[1] While it assumed that there is only one Jimmy, this is not wholly confirmed. It is possible that there is an alternative Producer Jimmy who performs off-screen tasks and has been heard to speak, and an entirely mute on-screen Jimmy who is only the stunt pilot and onetime host.

Appearances and References

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2949

Manufacturer Day Appearance
Anvil Aerospace Passes the controls of a remote-controlled Ballista to host Jax McCleary from off screen.[9]
Roberts Space Industries Pilots an Aurora past an Mantis piloted by Jax McCleary in order to demonstrate the Quantum Interdiction device.[10]
Kruger Intergalactic Kruger Intergalactic. Queues for an ice-cream cone while Jax McCleary races to fetch an Ermer Family Farms beverage from ArcCorp Area 7 in a P-72 Archimedes, in order to demonstrate the speed of the craft.[11]
MISC, ARGO High-fives Jax McCleary in front of the first publicly revealed MOLE.[12] This footage was used during the title graphics for the show's coverage of the whole Expo.
'Exotics': Aopoa, Banu, Vanduul, Esperia In response to a question from Jax McCleary about the food he was holding, Jimmy can be heard to say "They said it was pickled corpse bug" from off-screen. This is the only known dialogue heard from Jimmy. Jax also addresses Jimmy before the Banu advert is shown.[2]
Aegis Dynamics Provides a sledgehammer to Jax McCleary from off-screen, so that he may prove that a mine is decommissioned. Gloved hand visible.[13]
Drake Interplanetary Provides a helmet to Jax McCleary from off-screen, and appears in the teaser for the next day's episode being showered with sparkling wine aboard an 890 Jump.[14]
Origin Jumpworks Jax McCleary, reclining beside the 890 Jump's pool, calls for Jimmy to bring champagne. He furthermore thanks Jimmy and credits him as a Producer of the show in his final sign-off for the convention.[1]

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950

Segment Appearance
Teaser trailer A brief, static appearance during other B-Roll.[15] This same shot is used during the title music of other segments throughout the Expo.
Consolidated Outland First seen manually loading the cargo holds of two Nomads while Jax McCleary looks on with a cocktail in hand. In the next scene, both Jax and Jimmy pilot those Nomads across the surface of MicroTech. Following a minor crash, Jimmy is seen polishing one of the Nomads, which has sustained damage to its cockpit canopy. After sharing 'campfire stories', Jax attempts to sleep outside but is awoken by forest noises, and calls to Jimmy for help. After returning to New Babbage, Jax asks Jimmy to finish the show and present the official unveiling of the Nomad by Silas Koerner, while Jax takes advantage of the VIP lounge open bar before it closes.[16]
Aegis Dynamics Passes a blindfold to Jax McCleary from just off-screen.[17]
Anvil Aerospace This is the first episode of Whitley's Guide to not feature Jimmy, even as an off-screen or referenced character.[18]
Crusader Industries The segment starts with Jimmy driving Jax McCleary through the cargo hold of a M2 Hercules Starlifter in a Greycat Industrial PTV. While Jax waves and smiles to Expo staff, one can be heard to excitedly exclaim "Is that Jimmy?!". The pair then drive around the hall of the Tobin Expo Center while Jax continues his introduction.[19]
MISC After Jax McCleary introduces the dangerous Devil's Roundabout racecourse, which features a dense asteroid field, mines and sentry cannons, he tells the audience that Jimmy will be racing a Razor around it, to Jimmy's apparent surprise. Jax tells Jimmy that he would be piloting, but it's "an insurance thing".[20]
Drake Interplanetary This is the second episode of Whitley's Guide to not feature Jimmy, even as an off-screen or referenced character.[21]
Esperia / Aopoa / Banu This is the third episode of Whitley's Guide to not feature Jimmy, even as an off-screen or referenced character.[22]
Origin Jumpworks This is the fourth episode of Whitley's Guide to not feature Jimmy, even as an off-screen or referenced character.[23]
Roberts Space Industries A crude sketch of the Perseus is credited to Jimmy, implying he was at least part of the official tour of the then-secret ship. An off-camera voice is heard during the segment that resembles the previous voice of Jimmy, though it is not certain to be him.[24]

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951

The segments for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 are implied to be included in the broadcast, while other parts are implied to be behind-the-scenes footage.

Part Topic Broadcast Footage Behind-the-Scenes Footage
1 Anvil Aerospace Spartan Jimmy is seen welcoming Whitley's Guide executives aboard the Spartan with a clipboard, before walking away. It's implied that perhaps he drove the vehicle up to Jax McCleary in the opening segment. He is then seen piloting an Esperia Talon, and attacks the Spartan ostensibly to test its survivability.[5] After one of the executives points out the similarities to Episode 223 of the show, Jax calls Jimmy in the editing bay (inside a Reliant Mako) where Jimmy compares the footage and appears disappointed and embarrassed. Jimmy finds Jax, who commiserates about being out of ideas for the show. Jimmy gesticulates wildly but seems unable to get his point across to Jax.[5]
2 Aegis Dynamics Redeemer Jimmy cheers on Jax McCleary from a New Babbage rooftop as he attempts to recreate the painting Tears of Fire by dropping paint from a Redeemer onto a canvas below. Jimmy appears increasingly confused and disappointed as Jax makes several passes in the ship.[6] As Jax calls off the stunt, Jimmy watches his swearing tirade via MobiGlas. Jimmy appears to attempt to console Jax but is unable to. Jax positions the ship so he can see Jimmy from the cockpit, and tells him that he is quitting, and that Jimmy should host the show. Jimmy appears distraught and appears to plead with Jax to come back.[6]
3 Crusader Industries Ares Ion and Ares Inferno Jimmy wordlessly introduces the Ares Ion and Ares Inferno. The B-Roll on the title credits are all shots of Jimmy, in place of the usual ones of Jax McCleary. The show is introduced as "Whitley's Guide with Jimmy". In the hold of am M2 Hercules Starlifter, Jimmy uses a Holoboard to introduce that he will fire increasingly large weapons at a decommissioned Idris-M, the UEES Banshee, and cause it to explode.

He then takes hold of an S-38 Pistol from off-camera, spins it dramatically on his finger, and takes a running jump from the ship. Firing the pistol has no effect on the ship and causes him to spin. Similarly, rounds from a P8-AR Rifle cause him to spin backwards and make no impact on the vessel. Firing a Scourge Railgun propels Jimmy towards a Reliant Mako and produces only minor damage to the hull. Finally, Jimmy is seen to fire a Nova's main gun, which causes some damage and sends the Nova flying backwards slowly. Jimmy is then seen EVAing from the Nova, and grabbing a camera operator.

Jimmy is then seen piloting an Ares Ion. He makes two passes of the Idris-M, causing it to explode into several segments. Debris strikes his ship, and he appears to lose control. Moments before colliding with the bow segment of the UEES Banshee, Jimmy is saved by the surprise intervention of Jax McCleary in an Ares Inferno. Jax references a time that Jimmy saved him in the Goss system.[7]

Several bloopers of his introduction are shown, revealing Jimmy's nervousness. Throughout the segment we see that Jax McCleary is observing the footage of Jimmy from within the editing bay, before he realises the danger that Jimmy has placed himself in.[7]
4 MISC Odyssey Jax McCleary and Jimmy are shown walking through the Tobin Expo Center on MISC day, discussing the previous segment. The pair appear to be co-hosting. Jax credits Jimmy with reminding him why he got into journalism, while Jimmy taps him on the arm in a friendly and sheepish fashion. A 'best of IAE' montage from across Jax's career plays.[4] In the editing bay, the camera pans back to reveal Jax and Jimmy watching the montage together. To Jax's surprise, Jimmy hugs him. Jimmy then shows him a home movie his mother shot when he was a child. It features Jimmy, wearing his trademark helmet and an IAE t-shirt, excitedly visiting the expo, and posing for a picture with a hologram of his 'hero', Jax. The pair share an emotional moment, before leaving with a large bag.

In the MISC display, Jax tells Jimmy that he needs to do more soul searching. He then speaks excitedly about the possibilities he imagines with the new Odyssey. Jax announces his plan to take a sabattical in the Whitley's Guide prototype of the ship, and mentions the Pyro system as a possible location, much to Jimmy's alarm. Jax tells Jimmy that he wants to 'get his head straight' before the next season, and jokes about whether he will return.

In the final scene, Jax is seen heading towards the Stanton - Pyro jump point in the Odyssey while Jimmy mimes "you are crazy" over a video link. Jax tells Jimmy that he will miss him, and moves towards the Jump Point.[4]

Behind the Scenes

Jax McCleary and the shows he presents clear references to real-world automotive presenter Jeremy Clarkson, and his shows Top Gear[25] and The Grand Tour. Therefore, Jimmy represents the mute helmet-wearing driver of Top Gear, who is called The Stig.


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