Tracker Beginner's Permit Certification

Bounty Hunter mission from Bounty Hunters Guild
Tracker Beginner's Permit Certification
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Buy In 1000
Start Location Stanton AO
Requirements Tracker Training Permit Certification
Faction Bounty Hunters Guild

The Tracker Beginner's Permit is the second tier of PVE Bounty Hunting permit offered by the Bounty Hunters Guild. Completing this certification mission opens up bounty missions for Low-Risk Target NPCs.


Spoiler content

"Based on an assessment of your developing abilities, the Bounty Hunters Guild would like to offer you the chance to earn your Tracker Beginner's Permit.

This permit would signify that you are qualified to track and apprehend Low-Risk Targets (LRT). These criminals traditionally fly smaller ships but typically have a few escorts which makes them more challenging.

To successfully complete this certification process, you must apprehend a LRT ranked criminal by the name of (Target Name) last seen at (Location)."


  • Tracker Beginner's Permit
Spoiler content

"This permit issued by the Bounty Hunters Guild certifies that you are qualified to pursue and apprehend Low-Risk Targets (LRT)."

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