Crusader Bounty (LRT)

Bounty Hunter mission from Crusader Security
Crusader Bounty (LRT)
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 5000
Start Location Crusader AO
Requirements Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment
Tracker Beginner's Permit Certification
Faction Crusader Security

The mission Crusader Bounty (LRT) sees Crusader Security task the player with taking down a Low-Risk Target (LRT) in the Crusader vicinity.


  • Bounty Issued For (Name) (LRT)


Spoiler content

"Crusader is continuing its effort to make our little sector of Stanton as safe as possible and we need your help.

A suspect by the name of (Full Name) has been a real thorn in our side and it'd be great if you could settle the outstanding bounty on them once and for all. They were last seen at (Location).

Our records show that it is very likely the target will be in a lighter craft with a small wing of similarly outfitted allies. Should be a fairly straight forward encounter if everything works out.

CONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY: Liaison Officer Bautista

ID# 948J030K"

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