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The Tribunal of the United Empire of Earth is an judiciary and former executive organ.[citation needed] It seems to be standing committee which is able to depose the Imperator of the UEE.


The High-Advocate, High-General and High-Secretary are members of the Tribunal ex-officio.


Tribunal of the United Planets of Earth

There are currently only a few facts known. It was the successor of the Council of the United Nations of Earth and was possibly created as a result of the transformation of the UNE into the United Planets of Earth (2523). Another organ was the Congress of the UPE, which could have been the legislative organ while the Tribunal was an executive organ.


The Triumvirate ("Rule of Three") only reigned 13 years.[citation needed] In 2546, High-General Ivar Messer called for a vote to abolish the Tribunal and unite their power into a single office. With his appointment as Prime Citizen, the Tribunal was dissolved until 2792.[1]

Not one year later, he transformed the UNE into an hereditary monarchy titulating himself Imperator of his new found United Empire of Earth.

New Tribunal

With his dissolvement the Tribunal lost its ability to depose the Imperator. It regained this ability in the transition process under Erin Toi in 2792.[2]

See also

  • Tribunal Day, a former holiday. Replaced by Imperator's Day.


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