Erin Toi

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Linton Messer(2781 - 2792)
Marshall Leon (2800 - ?)
Erin Toi
Race Human
Gender Female
Died ?
Role Twelfth Imperator of the UEE, immediately following the Messer Era
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2792-05-03 - 2800
Constituency UEE

Imperator Erin Toi, succeeded the long line of the Messer dynasty, thus ending the Messer Era. She was the first freely elected Imperator since the office was founded by Ivar Messer.


New United NewsOrg Archive

Published May 3, 2792


by. Decklin Farwahl

"We have awoken from a nightmare." Those were the words spoken by the new Imperator Erin Toi yesterday after announcing the capture of Imperator Messer XI. It’s a brand new day indeed. Even at this NewsOrg, long an unofficial mouthpiece of the Imperator, we are finally able and encouraged to write the truth, without UEE censors looking over our shoulders.

It’s hard to believe, looking back, that the incident on Garron II would be the powder keg that brought it all down. Sure this wasn’t a singular catalyst; there were incidents that built up to it. From the bravery of Senator Akari to the Activists who rallied all those years despite incarceration or death.

Aside from instituting term limits for the Imperator, Toi worked with newly elected Senators to restore the Tribunal positions of old. The new High-General, High-Secretary, and High Advocate will work under the Imperator position but with the power to disempower them, should another despot attempt to seize control.

We woke up. Though the day we’re facing is unknown, we have seen how far we can fall so we must make sure that every step we take is a step up.[1]"

The Ark

"In 2793, Imperator Toi met with a young, ambitious Senator named Marshall Leon and asked him to help repair Humanity's interspecies relationships by accepting the position of Diplomatic Secretary. Imperator Toi believed a first-term Senator who never had to navigate Messer-infected political waters would be seen as an envoy of Humanity’s future, not its past.

Knowing the enormity and complexity of the task at hand, Secretary Leon immediately scheduled meetings with Xi’an and Banu diplomats. He acknowledged that the repair of relationships would take time, delicacy and — most importantly — trust, but also knew that his words and promises, or even those of the Imperator, would not be enough to mend the damage done. Only a bold act of diplomacy and peace could convince the entire universe that Humanity had truly changed its ways.

It was with that grand goal in mind that Secretary Leon conceived of The Ark.


It was only after Imperator Toi brought her political might to bear that the project got back online.[2]"

Marshall Leon would later succeed Toi to become the next Imperator and The Ark would be considered his legacy.


"In 2800, Secretary Leon won a contentious election to become the next Imperator. Encouraged to run and endorsed by Erin Toi, Secretary Leon highlighted his work on the Ark during his campaign, claiming it proved he was a consensus builder who could also repair Humanity’s relationship with other species.[2]"