Truth and Reconciliation Commission

An endeavor launched to declassify unlawful actions during the Messer Era
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
IndustryKnowledge sharing foundation
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleSydney Kamarck (Researcher, The Ark)
Founded2806 CE; 148 years ago (2806)
Defunct2810 CE; 144 years ago (2810)

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was an endeavor launched by the United Empire of Earth (UEE) in 2806. Tasked with declassifying and releasing information regarding unlawful actions by government officials during and before the Messer Era (2546-2792). This formal committee made public thousands of personal and official records, aiming to shed light on a dark chapter in the UEE's history. After four years of operation, the Commission disbanded in 2810. Much of the material made available was transferred to The Ark.[1]

Notable revelations

Atrocity at Jata bombings

Historian Sydney Kamarck spent years studying the transition of the United Planets of Earth and its Tribunal to the Messer dictatorship. In her work she found connections between the bombings of the Atrocity at Jata and associates of Ivar Messer.[2]

Bremen Defense Force espionage

Reports released through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission revealed that the Messer regime planted moles in the Bremen Defense Force (BDF) militia to monitor their activity. The BDF was increasingly distancing themselves from Messer policies at this time and beginning to secretly smuggle anti-Messer activists.[3]

Political prisoners

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission assisted in uncovering the extent of the corruption surrounding the prisons of the Charon System, which were being used to hold the Messer regime's political enemies.[4]

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