UEES Olympus

Crashed UEE carrier on Ashana in the Nul system

UEES Olympus was a carrier class vessel of UEE Navy made famous during the year 2571 when its commanding officer, a rather ambitious and certainly arrogant Rear Admiral, pursued a band of criminals near the planet of Ashana in the Nul system. The carrier was pulled to the surface by the strong gravity of the planet, crashing and killing nearly everyone on board. Her fighter squadrons, no longer having the protection of their home base, continued fighting until they were eventually destroyed. The crash quickly attracted scavengers, who began to pick the ship clean, until they realized that it was a more pleasant environment than the windswept caves they had previously called home. When the Navy did not dispatch another force to eliminate the wreckage, squatters moved in and turned the Olympus into a town of the same name.

The carrier's corridors and bays are now home to everything from a Tevarin marketplace to a warren of hotly contested individual homes for those living on the planet.[1]

No information is currently available on this class of carrier, but based on artist rendering it appears to be similar to the Bengal in terms of design. It is however confirmed to not be a Bengal.[2]


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