Update:Star Citizen Patch V0.8.4

Star Citizen build released on 2014-07-02
2014-07-02 - 9 years ago

New Features/Fixes


  • Players able to connect to Broken Moon
  • Performance improvements when targeting enemies in single player
  • Chainguns firing sounds and animations no longer cut out
  • Matchmaking and server stability improved:
    • Reduced rotational and positional errors of players in multiplayer
    • Resolved issue with players returning to hangar in the middle of matches
    • Bandwidth optimization improvements – a case where less is more
    • Session token authorization added
    • Improved sync between instance manager and matchmaker
    • Improved matchmaking queue functionality
  • Here are some of the crash fixes:
    • Attempting to zone into a multiplayer match is fixed
    • Choosing "Return to Hangar" is crushed
    • During multiplayer matches – stability FTW
    • No longer crashes when round ends
    • After running out of map border – you die, but you don't crash [Well your ship crashes, and explodes, but the game doesn't crash or explode – Ed.]
    • You can now alt-tab on the loading screen, without crashing
  • Sounds no longer stutter on missile lock sounds
  • Freelancer model no longer flickering
  • Missing textures on the calendar are found
  • Animation issues:
    • Reintroduced y-bobbing on character movement
    • Cleaned up freelancer bed animation
    • Source file corruption issues are improved
    • Metafile launcher errors are improved


  • Balanced ballistic weapons ammo – no longer unlimited

Additional Features

  • Shield indicators added to ship model on HUD
  • Added Control Mapping for the G940 HOTAS
  • Improved weapon fire sounds that have more guts and punch
  • The whoosh of other ships flying close by you
  • The whizz of other players' ordnance as they fire at you
  • New explosions
  • Improved sound mix

Known Issues

  • 300i right landing gear offset from ship
  • Firing range no longer aims after entering a second time
  • Higher latency connections can experience the following issues (after initial spawn or respawn):
    • IFCS issues causing the ship to fly erratically or very slowly
    • Character standing in the cockpit or offset from the seat and controls – restart client to reset
    • Character experiencing an extreme head shake – restart client to reset
  • Matchmaking can show stuck in queue and may require another attempt
  • Can get kicked back to hangar on connection attempt
  • Sometimes the helmet turns invisible when you pick it up
  • We're continuing our work with AMD, NVidia & Crytek to try and resolve the Crossfire/SLI issues and improve multiple GPU performance


Citizen Patch V0.8.4

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