Update:Star Citizen Patch V0.9.1.0

Star Citizen build released on 2014-09-30
2014-09-30 - 9 years ago


  • Added a controls customization screen that allows remapping of a subset of actions oriented towards ship navigation
    • Support for keyboard+mouse, controller devices and Joystick / HOTAS
    • Allows customization of discrete & continuous (axis) outputs
    • Support for modifiers keys
  • Added ability to choose which ships spawn in your hangar
  • Added ability to lock on to enemy closest to reticle
  • Added gamma, brightness, and contrast settings
  • Added pilot breathing
  • Added sound reverb to hangars
  • Added basic sound to pause menu
  • SLI/Crossfire Support Implemented


  • Changed Vanduul Swarm spawn sound
  • Added a drop shadow to the UI in New Horizon Speedway level
  • M50
    • Hard points no longer attach size 2 weaponry
    • Missiles attached by default
    • Reduced power of maneuvering thrusters
    • Reduced health of major ship components


  • Private matches re-enabled
  • Character no longer clips through Aurora Ladder
  • Race mode no longer displays incorrect race position
  • Can now cancel connection to multiplayer matches with the cancel button
  • Arena Commander menu now fills the screen for all aspect ratios
  • HUD now displays message before kicking idle player from match
  • No longer possible to load into a match with a non-DFM ship
  • Space brake no longer blocks throttle input
  • Arena Commander menu no longer becomes blurry at max zoom-in while in the Aurora Trainer
  • Race data while in the M50 no longer moves outside the screen
  • The 17th checkpoint now shows in Defford Link
  • Race no longer spawns you in the incorrect place
  • Fixed issue with player sometimes failing to eject in 300i/350r
  • Black/redout no longer persists after ejecting
  • M50 chaff no longer fires in the wrong direction
  • Wingmen in Vanduul Swarm no longer sometimes fail to respawn after elite waves
  • Fixed issues with matches sometimes not reporting stats to leaderboards
  • Various crash fixes
  • Improvements to SLI/Crossfire issue
  • The cursor no longer has conflicts when a joystick is plugged in
  • The following Cvars have been re-whitelisted:
    • r_FogShadows
    • r_Gamma
    • r_HDRBloomRatio
    • r_HDRBrightLevel
    • r_MotionBlur
    • r_ssdo
    • sys_spec_shadows
    • r_getscreenshot


  • 325a and 310p ships show some white exterior
  • 325a and 315p may show an invisible pilot seat
  • 315p engine pops in and out
  • Super Hornet has offset components around rear landing gear
  • Unable to exit back seat of super hornet
  • Accounts can only have a maximum of 2 ammo boxes of each type, which causes the account to not have enough ammunition if a ship is trying to equip more than 2 of the same gun
  • Unable to create custom profiles (currently changes are saved to the existing profiles, which are reset if you re-select the "default" profile)
  • Individual keybindings cannot be set as blank. This means if a player sets a control on accident, it can't be unbound without resetting the whole profile
  • Unable to fully mix/match custom keybinds across multiple devices
  • Swapping from one controller profile to another will reset any changes the player has made
  • There is no visual feedback for what kinds of inputs are accepted for controls that only accept specific kinds of input
  • Unable to change power-priority of 350R in power management screen
  • M50 HUD does not display missiles
  • Fuel can be consumed when no additional thrust is being generated
  • Idris's that spawn in hangar are currently invisible and have no collision
  • The M50's portside wing has misplaced elements
  • The starboard side of the M50's spoiler has an inverted decal
  • The Constellation Phoenix has collision issues in its rear engine room
  • There can sometimes be a brief pause when a player joins a match or respawns
  • Matchmaker may not account for Track Variant when searching for Murray Cup races via Spectrum Match


Star Citizen Patch V0.9.1

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