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VFG Industrial

Human company in the hangar manufacture industry
VFG Industrial logo Galactapedia.png
VFG Industrial
IndustryHangar manufacture
Manufacturer codeVFGI
FounderTom Vivien, Walter Fink, Ulla Gandil

VFG Industrial is a spacecraft hangar manufacturer and a subsidiary of ArcCorp. They use asteroid mining techniques to construct hangars in extreme environments such as inside large asteroids and other planetoids. They have a team of zero gravity workers and advanced excavation equipment.[1]


VFG Industrial was founded by Tom Vivien, Walter Fink, and Ulla Gandil. They were members of the UEE Army Corp of Engineers and specialized in building pressurized landing zones in combat zones. After being discharged, they founded VFG Industrial to bring their expertise to the civilian market. They believed there was a demand for functional and well-crafted hangars in ‘non-ideal’ conditions and were proven correct when clients came in droves. However, the Army sued them for patent theft, claiming that VFG’s business was built upon proprietary design briefs owned by the Army. VFG tried to fight the lawsuit but began to run out of resources. ArcCorp became interested in their hangar building methods and took over their defense. Fink refused to sell to the MegaCorp but Vivien and Gandil knew they had no choice. The three agreed to sell and ArcCorp’s lawyers managed to hamstring the Army’s case. Fink took a substantial buyout and left the firm while Vivien and Gandil remained on the board but control shifted to ArcCorp.[2]


VFG Industrial manufactured the asteroid hangar in the Hangar Module.[3]


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