Human company in the spacecraft components, terraforming, mining industry
IndustrySpacecraft components, terraforming, mining
ProductsJump modules, quantum drives, spacecraft engines, industrial mining equipment, terraforming platforms
Manufacturer codeARCC
HeadquartersArcCorp, Stanton
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth, Xi'an Empire
Founded2687 CE; 267 years ago (2687)
SubsidiariesVFG Industrial

ArcCorp is a human business conglomerate that oversees a diverse set of industries, including manufacturing, mining, terraforming, and space exploration.[1]


While travelling within ARCCORP governed space, be mindful that you are subject to not only UEE laws but to the local jurisdictional laws as well. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, fined, arrested or imprisoned.

Just like UEE Military and Advocacy Agents, local security personnel can require you to submit to identification scans to establish your identity, conduct searches of your person and vessel, and detain you with due cause. Always obey the directives of authorized security personnel.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the jurisdiction's criminal activities and comport yourself accordingly.

Extent of Influence

ArcCorp enforces the laws in this jurisdiction, which applies within ArcCorp's gravitational sphere of influence and includes its two moons Lyria and Wala.

Felony Fine Escalated Fine CrimeStat Increase
Actively Incarcerated
Aggravated Assault
Assaulting Security Personnel
Attempted Escape from Custody
Destruction of Vehicle
Escaped from Custody
Evading Arrest
Failure to Comply
Harboring a Fugitive
Insurance Fraud
Operating a Stolen Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
Trespassing (First Degree)
Unauthorized Computer Access
Unauthorized Interdiction
Misdemeanor Fine (aUEC) Escalated Fine
Battery (First Degree) 7,500
Battery (Second Degree) 7,500
Failure to Comply 20,000
Parking Violation 250
Possession of Class A Controlled Substance 2,000
Possession of Class B Controlled Substance 1,250
Possession of Class C Controlled Substance
Possession of Prohibited Goods 5,625
Possession of Stolen Property 1,000
Reckless Vehicle Operation 1,250
Trafficking of Class A Controlled Substance 5,000
Trafficking of Class B Controlled Substance 4,375
Trafficking of Stolen Property 3,750
Trespassing (Second Degree) 1,250
Unauthorized Interdiction 7,500


ArcCorp was founded as deep-space exploration consortium in 2687. It was started in a Stor-All Hangar by a group of friends, the company aimed to use their lone Zeus IV spacecraft to locate and catalog jump points for United Empire of Earth (UEE) bounty money. Pooling credits (that included a lottery win and an unexpected inheritance) the quartet of friends began the process of exploring the universe.

Except that they didn't do a very good job. Coming out of the turmoil of the 2690s, ArcCorp has made a shift from exploration (having accumulated a grand total of one jump license) to mining. During this period of rapid expansion, the corporation found a significant amount of success acquiring mineral rights to newly discovered planets. Soon, the renamed ArcCorp Mining Consortium was one of the most profitable companies in the galaxy, albeit one unrelated to the group's original purpose.

Mid-28th century, ArcCorp first became involved with BCK, a massive terraforming conglomerate at the forefront of the then-lucrative trade. By then, ArcCorp had moved beyond mineral rights and was also dealing in planets for settlement. The synergy between the two companies was very positive, resulting in record profits for both. ArcCorp's expert salesmen could lock down rights to a planet and then terraform it quickly at a low cost. As terraforming fell out of favor, ArcCorp absorbed BCK and the massive corporate structure they had used to help shape the modern galaxy. This was something of a hostile takeover, with BCK's director being accused of corporate malfeasance by a still-unidentified whistleblower. Most suspect the company was taken down by their partner, but no evidence has ever surfaced.

In 2811, another sea change altered the destiny of ArcCorp. That year, looking to solve a problem with some of BCK's legacy orbital platforms, they acquired an engine manufacturer called NovaLight. Staffed with excellent designers but lacking in business sense, NovaLight had a ready-to-go series of upgraded fusion engines but no ability to properly manufacture or sell them. The buyout, initially seen by observers as an error, lit a spark. Within two quarters, ArcLight-branded fusion engines were profitable. Within five years, they were the premiere engine type for large (100+ meter) spacecraft. Today, ArcCorp fusion engines are the basis for the technology, the pattern from which all competition is developed.[2]

In 2865, ArcCorp purchased Stanton III from the UEE and developed the planet to support business and property interests. By utilizing Xi'an urban development theory, the planet quickly became the most industrialized planet in the UEE.[1]

Today, ArcCorp is the definitive megacorp; the company so large it could buy a planet (Stanton III). While ArcCorp still profits from a diverse set of industries relevant to their earlier days (mining, some terraforming and even a newly-re-launched exploration effort), they are known by most of the public only for their exceptional fusion engines.[2]


Not as exceptional are ArcCorp's employment practices, earning them a somewhat deserved reputation for employing low-cost labor. Today, ArcCorp's factory workers live, age, and die entirely within the ArcCorp system. What some call job security, others call indentured servitude. They shop at company stores, live in company lodging, and spend their lives on dangerous fusion engine factory floors. Little money ever exits the cycle, and even those who retire generally find themselves remaining within the ArcCorp system. An ongoing social issue, the fate of ArcCorp's workforce periodically reappears in the headlines, generally resulting from fusion line accidents or factory worker suicides. While they were thrice voted the "Worst Company in the Universe" by Kaizen, the company does not comment on the issue officially and generally does not allow observers into their working facilities. However, ArcCorp's reputation has been on the climb under recent CEO Anton Maxtin with greater employee benefits, charitable events, and increased worker compensation for worker accidents on their factory floors. Though they are further complying with UEE law, many people still have a sour taste pertaining to ArcCorp's reputation.

Owned property

ArcCorp leads extensive operations throughout multiple systems. Currently, the following surface outposts and settlements are known to be under their ownership:

System Planet Moon Property Name
Stanton ArcCorp Wala ArcCorp Mining Area 045
ArcCorp Mining Area 048
ArcCorp Mining Area 056
ArcCorp Mining Area 061
Crusader Daymar ArcCorp Mining Area 141
Yela ArcCorp Mining Area 157

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