Rachel Lester

Character in Star Citizen
Rachel Lester
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Senator (T-Vann-Croshaw Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizenship
Current Employment
Occupation Politician
Political Office
Office Senator
Party Transitionalist
Constituency Vann
System Croshaw

Rachel Lester is a human Senator representing the planet Vann, in the Croshaw system and member of the Transitionalist Party.


Against Corruption on Goss I

2944-04-08 - Lester raised the issue of Corruption in the Governors Council on Goss I.[1]

Sensible Synthworld Amendment

2946-8-23 - Lester was involved in a hearing about the Synthworld Project. She emphasized in her speech the financial problems of the UEE and proposed the "Sensible Synthworld amendment", changing the projects "budgetary designation from mandatory to discretionary".[2] Her Initiative was criticized for blocking the progress of the Project.


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