Wildstar Racing

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Wildstar Racing
Headquarters Reisse, Rhetor System
Type Racing organization and certification
Current Leader Tosko Nunnar, President
Founded in 2811

Wildstar Racing started as a small Spectrum channel where racing enthusiasts would share vids of themselves racing on their favorite local tracks. Since then, they have grown into a sanctioned racing organization specializing in rally tracks and are widely recognized as an affordable proving ground for amateur racers to work towards competing in higher-profile leagues.[1]

Wildstar Racing manages the Wildstar Racing Amateur League.

Racing certification

Level Perk
10 Ace Racer
9 Elite Racer
8 Veteran Racer
7 Skilled Racer
6 Experienced Racer
5 Dedicated Racer
4 Practiced Racer
3 Racer
2 Rookie Racer
1 Novice Racer
0 Racing Enthusiast



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