Miner’s Lament

Racetrack on Yela in the Stanton system
Miner's Lament alpha 3.18.png
Miner's Lament
LocationStanton system    On Yela

Miner's Lament is a racetrack in the asteroid field of Crusader's moon Yela, crawling through a small cluster of mined-out asteroids that haves been repurposed into a zero-g racetrack by Wildstar Racing.

In-game description

Brave this eerie racetrack on the edge of Yela's asteroid belt. Once the site of a tragic mining disaster, the forsaken machinery and floating derelicts of Miner's Lament will now put your skills and your nerve to the test.

Technical details

Location Length Features
Yela 52.2 km Zero-G flying


Miner's Lament debuted in Alpha 3.18.0 alongside other new racetracks around the Stanton system. It is part of a continuous effort by CIG to incorporate and canonize community-created content into the Persistent Universe.



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