Shipping hub orbits Baker A in the Baker system
LocationBaker system    Orbits Baker A
TypeSpace station
ClassificationShipping hub

The Covalex Shipping Hub Xenia is a space station in the Baker system.

"Operated by Covalex Shipping, the Xenia station not only serves as a major cargo transfer hub for goods heading throughout the Empire, but also houses most of the permanent population in Baker system."
Starmap [1]

It was constructed to support the burgeoning trade lanes between Baker and the Xi'an Empire. Xenia has expanded by leaps and bounds with the realization that operating through the station allows merchants to avoid the increasingly high tariffs associated with moving goods through more populated systems.

The station itself has grown into a series of pre-fab habitation facilities joining together cargo bays to form a ring. These bays range from pressurized hangars for smaller ships to massive vacuum 'wet docks' capable of servicing the largest freighter designs.[2] Larger ships flying under Covalex registry and carrying bulk goods typically disperse their cargo at Xenia, where private enterprise crews can pick up contracts for delivery to the surrounding systems.

Xenia is a great place for newly formed hauler crews to learn the tricks of the trade. There's not a great deal of profit in helping Covalex avoid import taxes, but it is ideal for inexperienced crews looking to find their space legs. The station's active job board is also a good place to pick up longer duration missions with higher payouts.[3]

Xenia has the same amenities that can be found on any other shipping hub. These include two Covalex offices, an FTL courier station, a Kelto convenience store, and likely a repair shop. There is also a bar where shippers tend to congregate called the Torchlight Express

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