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Port Olisar is the first space station available in the persistent universe.

Space stations are man-made structures in space used for long term manned operations. Space stations have many different purposes in Star Citizen including as rest stops, trading hubs, security outposts, mining operations, and refining operations. Space stations utilize Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications to help regulate the use of the landing pads. Landing without ATC authorization may increase a players crimestat.

Services offered

  • Character spawning - Most major space stations and rest stops maintain habitats that allow players to wake up within the persistent universe, in order to "set" your spawn point, you must physically land your ship at the space station.
  • Ship spawning - Space stations maintain kiosks that allow ships to be spawned or claimed. Ships are spawned into a hangar or on a exterior landing pad consistent with the size of the ship. If a ship does not leave the pad the player will receive an audio notification warning of impending de-spawn. It's important to understand that not every station can support large ships.
  • Vendor services - The larger the space station the more available vendors. Vendors can be affiliation specific, for example Sparrer Light Armor which is generally associated with outlaws can only be found in areas that are associated with outlaw professions. Refer to the specific station page for a list of available vendors.
  • Repair, rearm and refuel - Ships using landing pads can utilize their MobiGlas to access ship services.


  • Some space stations (not all) have defense systems as well as armistice zone that disables ships weapons while in proximity of the station. You will receive an audio notification when leaving or arriving an armistice zone.
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