153rd Attack Squadron

UEEN Squadron dealing with law enforcement
A military style patch. Two red dice showing a pair of sixes sit between two red laurel wreaths. At the top are the words 153rd Attack Squadron. At the bottom are the words "Red Raiders".
Squadron patch for the 153rd Attack Squadron, as worn by Randall Graves in the Squadron 42 Cinematic Teaser

The 153rd Attack Squadron, known by the colourful sobriquet "Red Raiders", is a United Empire of Earth Navy squadron that specialises in resolving criminal threats. They are called in when outlaw forces exceed local law enforcement abilities, and particularly entrenched threats. The squadron includes the Mantis, and uses quantum interdiction devices to capture outlaws without unnecessary loss of life, and with greater possibility for intelligence gathering.[1]

Roberts Space Industries dedicated their 2951 Invictus Launch Week presentation to the squadron.[1]

Randall Graves was a member of the squadron at some point in his career, and wears a patch from the squadron on the right arm of his flight jacket.[2]


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