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The RSI Mantis is a single-seat interdiction ship, capable of pulling targets out of Quantum travel using "Quantum Enforcement". Lightly armed and armored, the Mantis is designed to work in tandem with more heavily-armed law enforcement or pirates to confront the captured ships.[1]


Quantum Enforcement Device
The Mantis features a specialized Quantum Enforcement Device (QED) designed to stall Quantum travel, appearing as three rings that are housed in the rear of the ship. Quantum enforcement can be engaged using either a "Quantum Snare" or "Quantum Dampening". Though not initially, QED's will eventually be equipped through the utility item ports of a ship, and available for ships other than the Mantis as well. Due to the nature of this device, using a QED will require certain jurisdictions. Doing so without them will be illegal.[2]
Quantum Snare
The Quantum snare is the primary utilization of the QED, intended for large-radius events (approx. 10–20 km),[1] and will create a "bubble" around the ship. Any ship that is within the bubble will be knocked out of Quantum travel, and ships passing through will be pulled out of quantum travel as well. Engaging the Quantum Snare requires significant charge-up time, and maintaining the snare requires a lot of power while generating large amounts of heat.
Quantum Dampening
Quantum Dampening is the secondary usage of the QED, preventing the activation of quantum drives within a short range while active (approx. 2000m).[1] In contrast to the Snare, Dampening can be activated instantly, trapping lone unwary ships as long as they are within its radius.
Quantum Markers
Along with the Quantum Enforcement Device, the Mantis can utilize Quantum Markers to track potential targets.
Other Features
The Mantis will be equipped for long quantum-travel-related activities, and will therefore also contain a bed and toilet.[2]



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Mantis in Space - Isometric.jpg
Mantis in Space - Above.jpg
Mantis in Space - Port.jpg
Mantis in Space - Front.jpg
Mantis in Space - Rear.jpg
Mantis in Space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
Mantis in SelfLand - Isometric.jpg
Mantis in SelfLand - Above.jpg
Mantis in SelfLand - Port.jpg
Mantis in SelfLand - Front.jpg
Mantis in SelfLand - Rear.jpg


"Polar" "Stormbringer"
Mantis Polar in space - Isometric.jpg
Mantis Stormbringer in space - Isometric.jpg



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