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Roberts Space Industries
MottoDelivering the Star since 2075
HeadquartersNew York, Earth, Sol
IndustrySpaceship Manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeRSI
FounderChris Roberts
Founded2075 CE; 872 years ago (2075)

Roberts Space Industries is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells spaceships, vehicles, ship components, and space suits. It is one of the oldest modern Human space corporates that stretches back all the way to mankind's first steps into the stars.[1] Incorporate in 2075, RSI was responsible for the development of the Quantum Drive that ushered in the colonization of the galaxy.


The original creators of the engine that kickstarted Humanity’s expansion into space, Roberts Space Industries builds a wide range of spaceships that serve all needs, from basic interstellar travel to deep exploration on the outer edges of the galaxy. The tagline is “Roberts Space Industries: Delivering the Stars since 2075.” [2]


Astro Development Team

The Astro Development Team (ADT) is responsible for designing and manufacturing smaller civilian-focused spacecraft, including the Aurora and Constellation lines. It is the team most aligned to the company's original vision of affordable spacecraft. All ship lines designed by the ADT are distant ancestors of the original Zeus (the Zeus name was retired for the current star-themed naming around 2550).[3]

Captial Development Team

The Capital Development Team (CDT) is responsible for designing and manufacturing larger spacecraft usually for military contract. Other than manufacturing civilian design such as Mover transport, it also serves as prime contractor for the Bengal carriers, among other projects. RSI CDT is involved with several dozen spacecraft lines at any one time, either as a prime contractor or as a system developer. The CDT is headquarters at L5, where larger spacecraft can be constructed in orbit.[3]

Engine Development Team

The Engine Development Team (EDT) is responsible for designing and manufacturing engine components such as quantum drive, jump engine, power plant, and thruster systems. EDT is the organization from which the company has evolved, the EDT is constantly refining the quantum drive technology the company patented almost 900 years ago. Modern jump engines are made ever more efficient over generations of development, with a significant safety increase part of each iteration. EDT also develops in-house power plant and thruster systems for RSI spacecraft, with the overall goal of reducing cost in constant pursuit of the founder's dream of affordable private space travel. The EDT is headquartered at Moscow, where their design facilities and prime engine factory is located.[3]

Experimental Development Team

The Experimental Development Team (XDT) (commonly referred as Skunk Works) is responsible for top secret government contracts and experimental projects using previously undeveloped technology. XDT efforts are not formally budgeted by RSI and their projects never appear on any formal rosters. It is rumored that the XDT is responsible for much of the tear-down work down on Vanduul technologies captured on the frontier. The XDT is headquartered on the dark side of the Luna, where vast tracts of territory were signed over to RSI in the early 23rd century for engine testing.[3]