19th Century

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19th Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 19th Century in the Star Citizen universe.

1801 – 1900

Date Type Event
1801-01-01 Exploration The first known and largest Herschel Belt asteroid - Ceres - discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
1837-07-18 Political Vasil Levski is born in Karlovo, Ottoman Bulgaria.
1846-09-23 Exploration Neptune discovered by Johann Galle and Urbain Le Verrier.
1851-10-24 Exploration Ariel and Umbriel discovered by William Lassell.
1870 Political Vasil Levski founds the "International Revolutionary Organisation".
1873-02-18 Political Vasil Levski is executed by hanging in Sofia, Ottoman Bulgaria.
1877-08-12 Exploration Deimos discovered by Asaph Hall III.
1877-08-18 Exploration Phobos discovered by Asaph Hall III.


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