20th Century

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20th Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 20th Century in the Star Citizen universe.

1901 – 2000

Date Type Event
1930-02-18 Exploration Pluto discovered by Clyde Tombaugh.
1948-02-16 Exploration Miranda discovered by Gerard Kuiper.
1959-09-13 Exploration The Soviet Luna-2 Space Probe becomes the first manmade object to reach the surface of Luna, impacting east of Mare Imbrium.
1961-04-12 Exploration Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first Human to reach space, and first to complete an orbit of Earth.
1966-03-01 Exploration The Soviet Venera-3 Space Probe crash-lands, becoming the first manmade object to reach the surface of Venus.
1969-07-16 Exploration American Neil Armstrong becomes the first Human to visit Luna, and subsequently the first to visit a foreign astronomical object.
1971-11-27 Exploration The Soviet Mars-2 Lander becomes the first manmade object to reach the surface of Mars, although it fails during descent.
1977-03-10 Exploration Rings of Uranus discovered by James Elliot, Edward Dunham and Jessica Mink.
1978-06-22 Exploration Charon discovered by James Christy.
1979 Exploration Jovian Rings discovered by NASA's Voyager 1 probe.
1984-07-22 Exploration Rings of Neptune discovered by Patrice Bouchet, Reinhold Häfner and Jean Manfroid.
1992-08-30 Exploration Kuiper Belt discovered by David Jewitt and Jane Luu.


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