2945 War Bond

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War Savings Bond Series D - 2945.png
2945 War Bond
Obtainment$100m Reward
AttachmentWall S2

Since 2942-01-01 the UEE War Finance Committee has sold War Bonds valued at 100 UEC.

This is an in game representation of a gift for backers from CIG.

"I'd like to end the year by thanking everyone who is working to make Star Citizen better than I had thought possible. First of all, our amazing, million-strong community. Without you, we would not be here today. Your pledges have made all this possible… the sharing of your passion with others have allowed us to grow… and your excitement and creativity routinely reinvigorate the development team. I can't properly express what you have meant to Star Citizen. In honor of the $100 million milestone, we're attributing a UEE War Bond to each of your Hangars. The bond will be issued in the year you started backing (2942 for 2012, 2943 for 2013 and so on). For now, it's just a small piece of decoration… and someday, when this cruel war with the Vanduul comes to an end, we'll give you the option to redeem it for credits! (A small example of the kind of fun, immersive things a larger team lets us add to the game.) A special thank you to Algared, the backer who pushed crowd funding into the triple digits. Here's to our "$100 million dollar man"… and everyone else who got us here."
Chris Roberts[1]


This is strange, because the Vanduul War wasn't actually formally declared until 2945.



  1. Letter From the Chairman: $102m. Transmission - Comm-Link
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