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Event rewards are the ingame items given out or sold to commemorate a real life event such as CitizenCon.

Funding Rewards

Item Type Milestone
Class I Repair Bot Bot $4.5m Raised
500 UEC Credits $4.5m Raised
Record Breaker Ship Skin Ship Skin $5.5m Raised
Squadron 42: Behind Enemy Lines Game $6m Raised
RSI Class II Space Suit Personal armor $9m Raised
Digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook Digitial Item $15m Raised
Arclight Energy Pistol FPS weapon $16m Raised
Mystery Engine Modifier Ship component $17m Raised
Exclusive Backer Star System Ingame data $18m Raised
Jane's Fighting Ships style manual Digital Item $19m Raised
Fish Tank Hangar item $20m Raised
Midas Fish Fauna $20m Raised
Takuetsu Prestige Khartu-Al Hangar item $23m Raised
UEE Towel Hangar item $42m Raised
ExoGlas Personal item $42m Raised
ORC-mk9 Personal armor $43m Raised
Hadesian Artifact Hangar item $45m Raised
SBit Scanning Software Ingame software $46m Raised
MaxTune Kit Ship component $47m Raised
Centennial Bloom Hangar item $49m Raised
BB-12 Manned Maneuvering Unit EVA pack $52m Raised
Inquisition XXII Gatling Ship weapon $55m Raised
Cryo-Star Cooler $56m Raised
10,000 UEC Credits $58m Raised
2942 War Bond Hangar item $100m Raised
2943 War Bond Hangar item $100m Raised
2944 War Bond Hangar item $100m Raised
2945 War Bond Hangar item $100m Raised
One Empire 200th Anniversary Coin Hangar item $200m Raised

Backer Number Rewards

Item Type Milestone
Aeon Club T-Shirt Clothing First 1m Backers
Epoch Society T-Shirt Clothing First 2m Backers

Seasonal Rewards

Item Type Milestone
Takuetsu Mustang Alpha Hangar item Holiday 2014
Takuetsu Display Case Hangar item Holiday 2014
Holiday Wreath Hangar item Holiday 2014
Holiday Reward 2016 Hangar item Holiday 2016
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