A Call to Arms

Mercenary mission from Civilian Defense Force
A Call to Arms
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay Bonuses
Start Location Stanton AO
Faction Civilian Defense Force

The mission A Call to Arms involves becoming deputized by the Civilian Defense Force to eliminate anyone with a CrimeStat in exchange for UEC compensation per NPC or player taken down. It is advisable for lawful players to activate this mission when joining a server as it will stay active through your play session so long as you remain lawful, with no detriment but a possibility of financial reward.


Spoiler content

"The Civilian Defense Force needs you!

Everyday, the Stanton system sees more and more innocent civilians mercilessly attacked and preyed upon by vicious outlaws and heartless criminals.


Now is your chance to help bring about a positive change for yourself and all other Stanton travelers.

Under the authority of the UEE and the Militia Mobilization Initiative, the CDF is deputizing all combat minded individuals in good legal standing* to engage and neutralize any individuals or vehicles that they verify to have an active CrimeStat.

In exchange for these selfless contributions to the general populace's safety, the CDF will financially compensate** those who successfully bring these criminals to justice.

The higher the CrimeStat, the higher the reward -

  • CrimeStat 1: 500 UEC
  • CrimeStat 2: 500 UEC
  • CrimeStat 3: 500 UEC
  • CrimeStat 4: 700 UEC
  • CrimeStat 5: 1000 UEC

Sign up today and do your part!

  • Be aware, acquiring a CrimeStat will revoke CDF membership and cancel any outstanding contracts.
    • Criminals neutralized as a term of an active contract (such as often is the case with security or bounty hunting work) are not eligible for CDF compensation."
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