Aadi Svensson

Character in Star Citizen
Aadi Svensson
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Party chair
Years Held 2950 (before) - Present
Party Universalist
Constituency UEE

Aadi Svensson is the party chair of the Universalist party.

2950 election drama

During the 2950 UEE Imperatorial election he was amidst the internal problems following the fact that two Universalist party members (Titus Costigan, and Illyana Sharrad) were nominated to run in the elections and both made it through the primary and secondary voting rounds. Traditionally, an Imperator would publicly endorse the running candidate for his/her own party, but current Imperator Kelos Costigan refused to endorse or comment on either one of the candidates due to the unprecedented situation that his son was also amongst these two. This angered some Universalist party members as they feared it would lead to a scenario where it would split the vote, denying either one a spot amongst the final five.

Sharrad and Svensson met with Costigan prior to the secondary vote to pressure him into publicly endorsing Sharrad. Apparently, the meeting became so contentious that it soured the working relationship between the Imperator and his High-Secretary.[1][2]


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