Titus Costigan

Character in Star Citizen
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Titus Costigan
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2909 CE; 45 years ago (2909)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Current Employment
Occupation CEO of Esrua Industries since 2936
Job Title CEO
Party Universalist
Constituency UEE

Titus Costigan, son of Kelos Costigan, is an entrepreneur and an Imperatorial candidate in the 2950 elections.

2950 elections

Titus Costigan applied to run for the elections and made it through both the primary and secondary voting round. This made him run for Imperator as one of the final five candidates, alongside co-Universalist Illyana Sharrad. He is one of the only candidates that has never held a public office before.

Campaign pledges

Titus' campaign plans were deregulation to spur economic growth, and increase reliance on militias. If he were elected, his first months would be spent on reducing financial and bureaucratic waste, and maximizing returns.

"I would bolster the economy by eliminating onerous regulations that slow the flow of inter-system trade, and will use the additional tax revenue generated by this economic uptick to increase defense spending."

Titus is also a supporter of the Militia Mobilization Initiative and plans on expanding on it more. Titus also believes that the private sector and individuals are often better at directly helping people than the government. Titus hopes that he can better solve problems by coordinating efforts with the public and private sector. This is why Titus also has his own foundation (see Better Together Foundation).[2]


Costigan is endorsed by the following organizations:[1]

Personal statement

"I am running to become Imperator because I believe that I have the experience necessary to lead the UEE into its most prosperous decade ever. Years of success in the private sector taught me that managing a massive, system-spanning operation requires not only ambition and imagination, but fiscal responsibility and a strong support team made up of innovative thinkers who will challenge and drive you. Know that it is not out of some misguided sense of legacy or birthright that I seek this position, but rather because I am convinced that the Empire’s best days lie ahead of us, and that under my forward-thinking leadership together we can put the UEE on a path towards peace and prosperity. Will you join me?"

Internal party tension

The fact that Titus runs for Imperator alongside co-Universalist Sharrad is difficult for current Imperator Kelos Costigan, but since he's also his son, it made it even more peculiar. Traditionally, an Imperator would publicly endorse the running candidate for his/her own party, but Kelos Costigan has refused to endorse or comment on either of the both Universalists running for office. The universalist party itself had endorsed Sharrad officially. Sharrad and Universalist chair Aadi Svensson‎ reportedly met with Costigan prior to the secondary vote to pressure him into publicly endorsing Sharrad. Apparently, the meeting became so contentious that it soured the working relationship between the Imperator and his High-Secretary.[3][4]

Making matter worse between the two Universalist candidates were a series of attack ads specifically targeting Sharrad that hit the Spectrum just before the secondary vote. Titus' campaign denied involvement. Despite this, Sharrad still lost several key parts of the Universalist voting block to Titus.[5]

Better Together Foundation

Better Together is a foundation owned by Titus. It provides help for the less fortunate in ways such as free daycare, meals, adult education and on the job training.[2]


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