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Members of the Universalist Political Party of the UEE.

Name Office Party Constituency System Race Faction Office Start
Aadi Svensson Party chair Universalist UEE Human UEE 2950 (before)
Alisa Lee Senator Universalist Keene Kilian Human UEE 2944 (before)
Clay Harren Senator Universalist Kampos Ellis Human UEE 2943 (before)
Daniela Argen Senator Universalist Locke Idris system Human UEE 2801
Illyana Sharrad High-Secretary Universalist UEE Human UEE 2942
Kelos Costigan Imperator Universalist UEE Human UEE 2941-01-01
Kyle Polo Senator Universalist Angeli Croshaw system Human UEE 2941 (or before)
Marshall Madrigal Senator Universalist Borea Magnus Human UEE before 2942
Nadir Corr Senator Universalist Jalan Elysium Human UEE 2943 (before)
Octavia Beate Senator Universalist Asura Ferron Human UEE 2946 (before)
Sean Debinavi Senator Universalist Angeli Croshaw Human UEE 2946
Suj Kossi Senator Universalist Elysium IV Elysium system Tevarin UEE 2946
Titus Costigan Universalist UEE Human UEE
Tracey Glenn Senator Universalist Saisei Centauri Human UEE 2947 (before)
Turson Haskel Senator Universalist Asura Ferron Human UEE 2943 (before)
Will McCain Senator Universalist Cestulus Davien system Human UEE 2947 (before)
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