Ada McDonough

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Ada McDonough
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Ace Pilot
Faction UEE

Ada ‘Vixen’ McDonough is a (KI) teammate in Vanduul Swarm, Arena Commander.[1]

"Ada ‘Vixen’ McDonough graduated from the UEE flight school in record time. An exceptional student throughout her youth, her abilities in the field won her early recognition from her superiors and a fast-track to the pilot’s seat. During her training a dummy round accidentally shattered a nearby asteroid, pelting her ship with dust and debris. She took shards of rock through the shoulder, abdomen and thigh but miraculously survived. Doctors told her she wouldn’t fly again. However, through a combination of cybernetics and sheer pig-headedness, today she holds the distinction of being one of the finest in the UEE fleet."

– Arena Commander Manual