Adorai and Victor Zahid

Character in Star Citizen
Adorai Zahid and Victor Zahid
Race Human
Born before 2870
Role Founders of Chemline Solutions
Faction UEE

Adorai Zahid and her twin brother Victor Zahid are the former Co-founders and managers of Chemline Solutions.

Early life

Born to a family of Kel-To employees, Adorai and Zahid spent most of their childhood on the move. '(...) the family would rarely stay in one place for more than a month, as they rotated through the thousands of Kel-To ConStores located throughout the UEE.' Both achieved Equivalency at age 16 and received a partial scholarship of the Terra University. Victor graduated with a dual-degree in economics and business management, working for the Clifton Brothers, Prime, while Adorai studied geological engineering, later working for a small mining company called Edo Inc., Lo.

Chemline Solutions

Both meet not for 10 years and were reunited at the birthday of their 98-year-old father in 2889. Adorai told Zahid about her experimental extraction technology, she was developing for Edo Inc. Since the project wasn't profitable enough for Edo, Adorai was near to abandon the research. Instead, both founded Chemline Solutions in the same year and Adorai were able to convince Edo Inc. to sell them their research.

By the end 29th century, Chemline was able to unlock previously inaccessible gas pockets for collection. By 2904, Chemline Solutions activated its first gas extraction facility on the uninhabited moon Gainey.

Gainey Controversy

Over the following years, Adorai doubted about the security of her technology, since their facility seemed to create unexplainable fissures on the moon. But Victor wanted to open up a new facility on a populated planet or moon. Controversy and a string of lawsuits between Zahid and Adorai ensued. The Gainey facility was abandoned in 2923 and the UEE decided to not provide any more licenses for the technology.


Victor stayed CEO of Chemline. Adorai Zahid became a professor of Geological Studies at Terra University.


  • Titan, audiobiography of Victor Zahid
  • 'an educational textbook about surveying ethics' (released 2940) by Adorai Zahid


  • Portfolio - Chemline Solutions

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