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As the jewel of the Eastern Empire, Terra is home to numerous large cities and thus several Universities.

Terra is home to Song University and Terra University, as well as the Prime Linguistics Institute and the Quasi Institute for Xenological Studies.

Quasi Institute for Xenological Studies

The Quasi Institute for Xenological Studies (QIXS) is located in Quasi. For two years following its discovery, the Vasli Fragment Stone was housed at QIXS.[1]

Prime Linguistics Institute

Dr. Amelia Kesh was head chair of the Prime Linguistics Institute, located in the capital city of Prime in 2934. She was commissioned to construct an exact replica of the Vasli Fragment Stone.[1]

Song University

Song University was named for Wei-Yin Song, who discovered Terra in 2516. The University has a strong presence in Banu cultural studies.[2]

Alumni and Faculty of Song University

Terra University

Drake Interplanetary co-founder Dr. Irena Marqet remarked of Terra University; "They’ll throw a doctorate at you just for landing on the planet."[3]

Alumni and Faculty of Terra University


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