Kel-To Constores

Human company in the convenience stores industry
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Kel-To Constores
IndustryConvenience stores
Founded2100 CE; 853 years ago (2100)
ParentKel-To Constores
SubsidiariesKel-To Rx

Kel-To Constores or Kel-To ConStores (short: Kel-To)[1][2][3] manages convenience stores (7-Eleven, SPAR Express, Circle K). 'They're found in virtually every hauling station, orbital platform and city' and are known for their Hydro-Froz frozen drink.[4]

In the 2800s, they began to manufacturer their own line of generic medical supplies to sell at their stores. It became so lucrative for them that they would go on to open individual shops with a medical focus - small, rapid-service clinics called Kel-To Rx.[5]

Food Products Sold

Item Price
'One Meal' Nutrition Bar (Roasted Chicken) 5aUEC
'One Meal' Nutrition Bar (Grilled Steak) 5aUEC
Cal-O-Meal "Chocolate Deluxe" Protein Bar 5aUEC
Cal-O-Meal "Vanilla" Protein Bar 5aUEC
Karoby Energy Bar (Cranberry, Green Tea & Caro) 5aUEC
Karoby Energy Bar (Tahini & Carob) 5aUEC
Cal-O-Meal "Lunes" Protein Bar 5aUEC
'One Meal' Nutrition Bar (Spicy Salmon) 5aUEC
'One Meal' Nutrition Bar (Fried Tofu) 5aUEC
Buster's Chocolate Bar 3aUEC
Snaggle Stick (Original) 3aUEC
Snaggle Stick (Tikoro Bite) 3aUEC
Snaggle Stick (New Austin Bold) 3aUEC
Snaggle Stick (Smoke Daddy) 3aUEC
Snaggle Protein Stick (Pepper^3) 3aUEC
Item Price
Lula's Pitambu Fruit Juice 5aUEC
Citrus Rush Smoothie 5aUEC
Fresh Garden Smoothie 5aUEC
Sol Detox Smoothie 5aUEC
Vestal Water 3aUEC
SynergySport 5aUEC
Synergy+ 5aUEC
Synergy 5aUEC
Black Mountain Sujin Tea (Rich) 5aUEC
Black Mountain Sujin Tea (Medium Blend) 5aUEC
Black Mountain Sujin Tea (Mild) 5aUEC
Get Up Coffee (decaf) 3aUEC
Get Up Coffee (black) 4aUEC
Get Up Coffee (milk) 4aUEC
Get Up Coffee (Cinnamon) 4aUEC
Get Up Coffee (Mocha) 4aUEC
Flood Energy 4aUEC
Pips Energy T17 3aUEC
Pips Q66 3aUEC
Pips A20 3aUEC
Fizzz Cola 3aUEC
Fizzz Peach 3aUEC
Fizzz Triple Berry 3aUEC
Fizzz Muscat 3aUEC
Fizzz Soursop 3aUEC
Smoltz Light (Bottle) 3aUEC
Smoltz (bottle) 5aUEC

Other Products Sold

Item Price
Scourge Railgun Magazine (10 cap) 29aUEC
Animus Missile Launcher Magazine (3 cap) 210aUEC
GP-33 MOD Grenade Launcher Magazine (6 cap) 30aUEC
FS-9 Magazine (120 cap) 6aUEC
S-38 Magazine (15 cap) 5aUEC
P4-AR Magazine (30 cap) 6aUEC
BR-2 Shotgun Magazine (12 cap) 6aUEC
P8-SC SMG Magazine (45 cap) 5aUEC
P6-LR Magazine (8 cap) 13aUEC
F55 LMG Magazine (150 cap) 7aUEC
LH86 Pistol Magazine (13 cap) 4aUEC
S71 Rifle Magazine (30 cap) 7aUEC
R97 Shotgun Magazine (10 cap) 5aUEC
C54 SMG Magazine (40 cap) 5aUEC
A03 Sniper Rifle Magazine (15 cap) 15aUEC
Salvo Frag Pistol Magazine (8 cap) 6aUEC
Demeco LMG Battery (100 cap) 10aUEC
Arclight Pistol Battery (30 cap) 4aUEC
Gallant Rifle Battery (45 cap) 6aUEC
Lumin V SMG Magazine (45 cap) 6aUEC
Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Battery (20 cap) 18aUEC
Coda Pistol Magazine (6 cap) 5aUEC
Karna Rifle Battery (30 cap) 6aUEC
Ravager-212 Twin Shotgun Magazine (16 cap) 6aUEC
Devastator Shotgun Battery (12 cap) 6aUEC
Custodian SMG Magazine (60 cap) 6aUEC
Scalpel Sniper Rifle Magazine (8 cap) 13aUEC
Yubarev Pistol Magazine (10 cap) 4aUEC
Atzkav Sniper Rifle Magazine (5 cap) 15aUEC
Gamma (1x Holographic) 400aUEC
Gamma Duo (2x Holographic) 400aUEC
Delta (1x Reflex) 400aUEC
WowBlast Desperado Toy Pistol Magazine (10 cap) 3aUEC




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