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Amon & Reese Co.

Human company in the weapons manufacture industry
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Amon & Reese Co.
IndustryWeapons manufacture
ProductsPersonal weapons, spacecraft weapons, power plants, spacecraft engines
Manufacturer codeAMRS
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
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Amon & Reese Co. (A&R) is a corporation that sells, distributes and produces energy-based weapons and spacecraft engines for the military and civilian markets. Founded in the early 2500s, the company has held a longstanding contract with the United Empire of Earth (UEE) to provide handheld and shipboard weapons to the military. Though it supplied many of the weapons utilized by government forces during the Messer Era, A&R's continuous charity work for veterans and their families has helped keep the company's reputation neutral after the fall of the Messers.[1]


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