Omnisky XV Cannon

Size 5 vehicle weapon manufactured by Amon & Reese Co.
Omnisky Size 4-6 - Cutout Left.jpg
Omnisky XV Cannon
ManufacturerAmon & Reese Co. (AMRS)
TypeLaser Cannon

The A&R Omnisky XV Cannon is a size 5 vehicle laser cannon. It is a part of the Omnisky series laser cannon.[1]


Amon & Reese's reputation for making powerful and reliable weapons is embodied by their Omnisky line of laser autocannons. The Omnisky XV is the size five version of the weapon that's helped defend the Empire for centuries.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
A2 Hercules StarlifterCrusader Industries3.21.1-PTU.8892745



  1. In-game description 3.10.0
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