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Omnisky XVIII Cannon

Size 6 vehicle weapon manufactured by Amon & Reese Co.
Omnisky Size 4-6 - Cutout Left.jpg
Omnisky XVIII Cannon
ManufacturerAmon & Reese Co. (AMRS)
TypeLaser Cannon

The A&R Omnisky XVIII Cannon is a size 6 vehicle laser cannon. It is a part of the Omnisky series laser cannon. It is nicknamed Augustus by engineers at A&R.[1]

In-game description

Nicknamed 'Augustus' by Amon & Reese engineers after the Roman Emperor who founded the notable 'Eighteenth Legion,' this massive size six laser autocannon hits hard over great distances, making the Omnisky XVIII an effective way to keep enemies at bay.


DE Monthly Report Weapons AMRS S4-6.png


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