Delivery mission from Nine Tails
Priority Personal
Type Delivery
UEC Pay 9000
Start Location Hurston AO / ArcCorp AO / Crusader AO
Faction Nine Tails / Low Riders / NovaRiders / Dusters

The illegal mission Appropriation tasks the player with retrieving a small cargo crate from a shipwreck in space and returning it to a landing zone. There is a chance of enemy encounters.

Dynamic Name

  • Appropriation
  • Floater
  • Take Away
  • Search & Seizure
  • Property Reclamation
  • Go Fish
  • A Light Touch
  • Grab 'N Go
  • Lost and Found
  • Procurement

Possible Targets

The target is a derelict ship in space, with no physics grid.



Spoiler content

"A (Ship Model) that was carrying a box of (Item) was taken out. Now that choice pluck is just sitting out there. The (Client) are willing to pay good credits for someone to snag it and take it to (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)"


Spoiler content

"Got wind that a shipment of (Item) that the (Client) have been after turned up a on (Ship Model) that was headed out of system. Luckily, they didn't get too far. All that's left is for someone to go grab the goods from the (Location) and drop it off at (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)"


Spoiler content

"Anyone good with salvage looking for work? Got a crate of (Item) waiting to be recovered near a blown up (Ship Model) that the (Client) need taken to (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)And don't comm me about how you're great at EVAing if you don't have a way to fly yourself out there. Some scub with a pack and no transport does me as much good as (a bunch of fries and no ketchup / a rifle and no bullets / a comb does for a bald man / a Banu promise)."


Spoiler content

"There's a clearance sale going down at a dead (Ship Model) and the (Client) are looking for a runner to grab a box of (Item) and haul it to (Destination). (Timed)This is the perfect gig for someone looking to de-green their rep. (Danger)"


Spoiler content

"A (Ship Model) with some valuable cargo blew up and the (Client) are paying to have this shipment of (Item) taken to (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)If I hear that this package winds up somewhere else, and I find out you had something to do with that, then I'll (paint the inside of your helmet red / make you wish you had been on Vega when the 'duul attacked / arrange a vacation for you inside the nearest star / make an example of you)."


Spoiler content

"Hey! Who wants to go wreckdiving? There's a mangled mess of a (Ship Model) that needs a crate of (Item) plucked from it and delivered to (Destination). Interested? What if I told you that the (Client) are footing the bill? (Timed)(Danger) "


Spoiler content
  • "the remains"

  • "the last point of contact"

  • "the (Ship Model)'s last known position"

  • "the (Ship Model)'s wreck"

  • "the kill site"


Spoiler content
  • "There's a deadline on this, as in if we don't get this valuable item fast, somebody's going to wind up dead"

  • "Need this done quick, so don't mess around."

  • "Expect you to get there ASAP before some hopper stumbles across the (Ship Model) and salvages it first."

  • "The (Client) need this fast, so make sure you're not late."

  • "This stuff isn't gonna float out there forever, so handle it before it's too late. "

  • "This job's got a narrow window of opportunity. See that you don't miss it. "


Spoiler content
  • "Try to keep a low profile. Things have been heating up around here enough as is."

  • "If you run into any trouble, I'm trusting you can handle yourself."

  • "Word of warning. Security's been increasing their presence in the area. Take the appropriate precautions."

  • "I'm not expecting any trouble, but if security does show up, take care of it."

  • "I'm expecting you to keep the drop on the low. Don't want any heat on this."

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